Coffee drinkers show their gratitude to shipping!

Managing Director of WDRM, Neil Carrington sums up his week at London International Shipping Week:

It is already a week since LISW finished with the excellent Gala dinner at the Grosvenor House Hotel, which I was fortunate enough to attend, courtesy of our marketing partners Jeanius Consulting.

The dinner was the culmination of a week of shipping events, both old and new, which were all marshalled together into one week, making attendance at a few events somewhat easier for those travelling from afar, rather than trying to get over for ad hoc events throughout the year. I certainly met some old faces and many new ones who I may not otherwise have met during the year.

When asked what the highlights of the week were it was quite difficult to choose however, the coffee provided by Willis & Co when they hosted the Big Welfare debate has to have a special mention. I think I can safely say it is the first time I have been for seconds and even grabbed another on the way out! The debate was very good as well and as usual with the subject matter, quite thought provoking. It was a shame that not may shipping company reps were present though.

The Isle of Man shipping Group laid on a good evening’s entertainment at Trinity House including a pair of amusing actors depicting a view of IoM maritime history. Together with the fantastic setting, this made the networking an even more enjoyable event.

I attended my first Inter Manager meeting as well and it was a pleasure to meet other members of the Group and understand a bit more about the organisation and their aims.

One highlight of the annual ICS conference was a presentation by Jorge L. Quijano, Administrator and CEO of the Panama Canal Authority. The statistics concerning the expansion and upgrading of the canal were staggering and more than one reference was made to the fact that it largely involved moving tons of rock, a slight dig at the Suez Canal company who had rather more in the way of sand to deal with!

All in all the events I went to were very interesting (although it still concerns me how a few people read verbatim from slides) for both content and meeting colleagues within the industry.

I will be back!